Gomde Khang


One of the monastery's recently renovated minor residences, this building can be missed if you are running short of time.

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1. Debating Courtyard

0.02 MILES

Southeast of the Gomde Khang residence is this debating courtyard. You should be able to hear the clapping of hands as you pass if there is a debate in…

2. Shartse Tratsang

0.03 MILES

Shartse Tratsang is one of several renovated kangtsang (residences) that offer the opportunity to meet the local monks away from the tourist trail. In the…

3. Tomb of Tsongkhapa

0.04 MILES

The red, fortress-like structure of Tsongkhapa’s mausoleum is probably the most impressive of the reconstructed buildings at Ganden. It’s above a…

4. Ngam Chö Khang

0.04 MILES

The first chapel you reach from the monastery's parking area is Ngam Chö Khang, one of Ganden's oldest. It is built on the site of Tsongkhapa’s original…

5. Assembly Hall

0.05 MILES

The recently renovated tsogchen (assembly hall) has statues of the 16 arhats (literally ‘worthy ones’) and two huge statues of Tsongkhapa (only visible…

6. Jampa Lhakhang

0.06 MILES

This small chapel, just across from the exit of the Tomb of Tsongkhapa, holds two large images of the Future Buddha, plus the eight bodhisattvas.

8. Barkhang

0.08 MILES

This interesting chapel houses the monastery printing press. You can see the printing and assembling of Buddhist texts here.