Jīngzhōu Museum

Museum in Jingzhou

Next to Kāiyuán Temple is a small, yet architecturally superb museum surrounded by water. Here you'll find wonderful artefacts unearthed from Chu tombs around the area. The jade and porcelain halls are marvellous, and there is a collection of old silks which appear to float in their cabinets. The highlight is the incredibly well preserved 2000-year-old body of a man found in his tomb with ancient tools, clothing and even food; the airtight mud seal around his crypt helped preserve him.

You can find him in one of the buildings around the large pond, behind the main building. Take bus 12, 19 or 101 to the West Gate (西门, Xīmén), then backtrack 200m. A taxi will cost about ¥25.