Stepping Stones


Stones laid out for crossing the river. Not a great idea to cross them after too many glasses of the local strong stuff.

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Nearby Fenghuang attractions

1. Wooden Footbridge

0.01 MILES

One way to get across the river. It's a bit narrow but just about wide enough for two people to pass going in opposite directions.

2. North Gate Tower

0.03 MILES

Carvings of fish and mythical beasts adorn the eaves of the North Gate Tower, one of four original main gates. The town ticket office is located on the…

3. Fenghuang City Wall

0.06 MILES

Restored fragments of the city wall lie along the south bank of the Tuo River. Carvings of fish and mythical beasts adorn the eaves of the North Gate…

5. Confucian Temple

0.14 MILES

This 18th-century walled temple is now a middle school and cannot be entered.

6. Gucheng Museum

0.15 MILES

A survey of the old town’s history; sadly, most of the captions are in Chinese only.

7. Yang Family Ancestral Hall

0.17 MILES

Built in 1836, this building's exterior (by the door) still has some faded slogans from the Cultural Revolution. There are two lovely black-and-white…

8. Chongde Hall

0.17 MILES

The town’s wealthiest resident, Pei Shoulu, has his personal collection of antiques on display in his former residence on Shijia Long. The collection of…