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$54.88 Transfers & Ground Transport

Changsha Private Departure Transfer: Hotel to Railway Station

The service is delivered by an experienced driver from a national car rental company, and an English speaking travel agent staff for backup support. Your driver will find you in your hotel lobby by eye contact, or spell out your name.  There are 2 major railway stations in Changsha: Changsha Station and Changsha South Station. Please buy your train ticket first, then book this transfer service. Your departure train code is required upon reservation. The hotel pickup time is 2 hours prior of train departure time.  This private transfer service is 24 hours available.  Frequently Asked Questions:  Q: Is your service better than calling a taxi on site?  A: Taxi service is not always available in Changsha. Sometimes the hotel doormen can not find a taxi for you in time, especially in rush hour, early morning or weekend. Using this transfer service, you will have a better vehicle, better service from a reliable national car rental company, plus 24/7 backup from a local travel agent.  Q: Do you pickup from my hotel?  A: This pickup price is for hotels in downtown Changsha only. It includes 6 districts of Furong, Tianxin, Yuelu, Kaifu, Yuhua and Wangcheng. Other districts are named as Outskirts Changsha. Hotels in Outskirts Changsha will cost additional charge. Please check if your hotel is located in downtown Changsha before you make a booking.  If your hotel is in outskirts Changsha, the additional cost will be advised by the local travel agent.  - Plan A: If the local travel agent has receiving your reply of approval of this additional cost in time, booking will be confirmed.  - Plan B: Booking will be cancelled automatically and refund will be arranged for not receiving your approval in 24 hours.  Q: What should I do if I can not find my driver?  A: Telephone the local travel agent. The staff will ask you to pass the phone to a Chinese standing beside you, find out your exact location. Then please wait here. Your driver will come to you. Do not move!  Q: Will the driver telephone me before pickup?  A: No. Your driver does not speaking in English. The local travel agent will be your backup.  Q: Will the driver help me to check in at the railway station?  A: No. Your driver will drop you off outside the departure hall of the station. Usually it is the non-parking area.  Q: What is the luggage allowance?  A: Each passenger (aside from infant) can check in with a maximum of 1 piece of luggage, total dimension not exceeding 158 cm (62 inch), wheels, handles and side pockets included. Each bag should not weigh over 20kg (44 lbs). Excessive and over-sized bag as subject to the availability of the storage space of the vehicle, may incurring surcharge.

$99 Day Trips & Excursions

Changsha Private Highlight Day Tour

At 8am, you will be picked up by your tour guide from hotel lobby of centrally located Changsha hotel, then start this day tour around Changsha. You will visit Mawangdui Mausoleum firstly, It was served for the Prime Minister Li Cang and his family members of Changsha State during the early Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – A.D.24). There are three tombs inside that were excavated between 1972 and 1974. A well-known women corpse that had been well preserved for more than 2,000 years in the tomb. Afterwards you will head for  Hunan Provincial Museum to visit these relics excavated from this ancient mausoleum. Then you will go to the beautiful Mount Yuelu where you will visit the historical  Yuelu Academy and Aiwan Pavilion on the hill. Moreover, you will have a bird-view of the entire city of Changsha on the top of the hill.  After a local lunch, you will continue to visit the  Orange Island Park,  Juzizhou in Chinese. Juzizhou had been a famous scenic spot of Hunan Province since the ancient time. It is a wonderful place to enjoy the water view the Xiangjiang River.  Later you will be transferred back to your hotel or Jiangfang West pub street to have fun, where the day tour concludes.

$99 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Day Tour to Dongting Lake, Yueyang Tower from Changsha

At 8am, you will be picked up by your tour guide from hotel lobby of centrally located Changsha hotel, then drive 2.5 hours to Yueyang which is an old city with a long history. Upon arrival, you will visit the well-known Yueyang Tower firstly. Initially this three-storey tower was built in 220AD, and still preserves its original architectural style amazingly though it had been renovated in the history. The tower is well-know as it has been appeared many times in the Chinese poems. Facing to the Dongting Lake, this tower is a wonderful place to view the water scenery and enjoy the Chinese traditional culture in the tower. There is an old tomb for a famous lady Xiaoqiao is possible to visit near the tower. After the lunch at a local restaurant, you will head for about 30-minutes ride to Junshan Island. You will wander around this beautiful island to visit the bamboos, old bridges, temple and gardens etc. Later you will be transferred back to your hotel in Changsha, where the day tour concludes.

$109 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Day Tour to Mt Hengshan from Changsha

At 7:30 am, you will be picked up by your tour guide from hotel lobby of centrally located Changsha hotel, then take a 2-hour ride to Mt Hengshan. Upon arrival, you will visit Nanyue Great Temple the at the foot of Hengshan Mountain. Then you will either take a mini-bus or cable car up to Nantian Gate where you will wander around the Zhurong Peak. This is the must-see peal on the mountain, there are spectacular summits and rocks around you. You have walk about one hours to Zhurong Temple that is located on the top of mountain. Afterwards you will get back to the Nantian Gate by either cable car or mini-bus, then you can spend the rest of the day on more sites such as Buxian Bridge or Zhonglie Temple if time permits.  In the late afternoon, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Changsha where the day tour concludes.

$258 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Private Overnight Tour to Fenghuang Old Town from Changsha

Day 1. Changsha-- Fenghuang by car (L) At 7:30am, your guide will meet you at your hotel lobby in Changsha. Then, you will take a 5-hour ride on the highway to Fenghuang Old Town, which is a well-known river town in Hunan Province. There are well-preserved old wooden houses built by Tujia and Miao people beside the Tuo River. At night, it is a dreamy world when all lights are lit on in the old town. Tonight you can find a seat in one of the bars to enjoy the nice night scenery.  Accommodation: Local nice guesthouse in Fenghuang  Day 2. Fenghuang -- Changsha by car (BL) This morning, you will visit the Great Wall near Fenghuang, which is the only Great Wall in Southern China, and it was built in 17th century during the Ming Dynasty. After lunch, you will be transferred 5 hours back to your Changsha hotel where the tour concludes.

$739 Multi-day & Extended Tours

4-Day PRI Tour to Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang Old Town from Guangzhou by Bullet Train

D1. Guangzhou - Changsha - Zhangjiajie by train & car (L)At 7am, you will be picked up from lobby of centrally located Guangzhou hotel, and transferred to station to catch 2.5-hour bullet train to Changsha. Upon arrival, you will take a 5-hour ride to Wulingyuan Scenic Area, often referred to as Zhangjiajie. Accommodate: Pullman Hotel or equivalentD2. Zhangjiajie (BL)Today you will take one-hour ride to Zhangjiajie National Park where you will overlook the wonderful views by super elevator. The elevator takes 1.58 seconds to transport tourists from the bottom to the Yuanjiajie top exhibiting unbelievable and fantastic views. Enjoy the heaven and earth pillar unpredictable prototype mountain of the movie AVATAR directed by Jame Cameron on the Summit Sightseeing Platform.Afterwards you will move to visit Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve that offers a perfect location to have a panoramic picture. Known as 'the Monarch of the Peak Forest', Tianzi Mountain has four wonders: the Sea of Clouds, the Radiance of the Moonlight, the Rays of Sunshine and the Snow in winter.Later you will head to Shilihualang (10-Mile-Gallery) to explore. (One way by electric train; other way on foot for about 30 Minutes.)Accommodate: Pullman Hotel or equivalentD3. Zhangjiajie - Fenghuang by car (BL)Drive to Tianmen Mountain, then walk along the road leading to Gateway of Heaven. The glass walkway makes it so distinctive. You will take Tianmen Mountain Cableway to explore Tongtian Avenue (a way to Heaven), Tianmen Cave (Heaven Gateway), Tianmen Temple, Tianmen glass walkway, Ghost-valley plank road, and Yunmeng Fairy Summit. You will take a small cable to the main cable, then take the world's longest cableway, with a length of 7455 meters and elevation of 1518 meters to go down.(The round-way of the main cable and upper way for the small cable are included. If you take round-way small cable car, you will miss some sights.)Afterwards you will take 3-hour ride to old town of Fenghuang, which was built along the Tuo River with local wood. It is nice to wander around the well-preserved wooden houses. In the evening, the lights creates a wonderful world from the houses.  Accommodate: Guest house in the old townD4. Fenghuang - Huaihua or Changsha - Guangzhou by car & train (BL)Free explore in the morning. After lunch, you will take one-hour ride to Huaihua to catch 5-hour bullet train back to Guangzhou. (You will take train from Changsha to Guanzghou if no train tickets available in Huahuai due to its limited trains.) Upon arrival, you will be transferred back to your Guangzhou hotel where the trip concludes.