This large and active temple in the north of town dates originally to the Five Dynasties period, with many additions during later dynasties. The imposing Hall of the Three Kings (三圣殿; Sānshèng Diàn) at the front contains a huge statue of Milefo – the future Buddha – jovially seated as you walk in. The Pilu Hall at the rear sees a vast seated effigy of Sakyamuni within a cabinet and 500 luóhàn (arhat) behind glass around the wall.

You can count your age from any luóhàn of choice and then receive a corresponding lot (¥10; in Chinese only) for pointers on your destiny. The Goddess of Compassion is worshipped in the Hall of Great Compassion (大悲殿; Dàbēi Diàn), where Guanyin stands in front of a sea of flickering candles, as pilgrims revolve clockwise around her and nuns read sutras aloud.