Hong Kong Park

Top choice in Wan Chai & Northeast Hong Kong Island

A hillside oasis squeezed between Central and Admiralty, Hong Kong Park was built in 1991 over part of the former Victoria Barracks. Terraced landscaping connects tree-lined pathways with various family-friendly attractions such as its fountain plaza, waterfall, playground, aviary and museum. Lotus-filled pools with gliding koi carp and turtles basking on rocks are a draw for local photographers, who jostle for position to give their images that dramatic skyscraper backdrop.

Hong Kong Park is an easy walk from either Central or Admiralty MTR stations.

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1. Edward Youde Aviary

0.08 MILES

A raised wooden walkway snakes through a netted area of tropical trees at this aviary at the top of Hong Kong Park, offering branch-level views of some 80…

2. Peak Tram

0.09 MILES

This cable-hauled funicular railway has been scaling the 396m ascent to the highest point on Hong Kong Island since 1888. A ride on this clanking tram is…

3. Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre


Outside planned exhibitions, there's not much to see at this arts centre established to support local sculptors, printmakers and potters. But history…

4. St John’s Cathedral

0.12 MILES

Services have been held at this Anglican cathedral since it opened in 1849, with the exception of 1944, when the Japanese army used it as a social club…

5. Forsgate Conservatory

0.12 MILES

This greenhouse in Hong Kong Park takes visitors through fairly lacklustre floral displays, including a dry 'desert' room showing cacti and other drought…

6. Cheung Kong Park

0.13 MILES

This small, shady park and sitting area has an artificial waterfall and several faux grottoes. It's a popular lunch spot for workers and a welcome, leafy…

7. Former French Mission Building

0.15 MILES

This handsome red brick building was built in the mid-1800s and renovated to its current Edwardian glory in 1917 by the French Society of Foreign Missions…

8. KS Lo Gallery

0.16 MILES

The KS Lo Gallery, in a building beside the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware at Hong Kong Park contains rare ceramics from famous kilns in ancient China…