Pushan Temple

Built in 1713, this temple was destroyed in the 1920s. Only some ruins and old trees remain.

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1. Puren Temple

0.16 MILES

Built in 1713, this is the earliest temple in Chengde, but is not open to the public.

2. Pule Temple

0.32 MILES

This peaceful temple was built in 1776 for the visits of minority envoys from the west (Kazakhs and Uyghurs among them). At the rear of the temple is the…

3. Yongyousi Pagoda

0.52 MILES

This wonderfully elegant 250-year-old pagoda soars above the fragments of its vanished temple in the northeast of the imperial summer resort of Bishu…

4. Anyuan Temple


A copy of the former Gurza Temple on Xinjiang's western border, this rarely visited complex dates back to 1764, built to commemorate the Qianlong emperor…

5. Misty Rain Tower

0.64 MILES

The double-storey Misty Rain Tower, on the northwestern side of the main lake at the summer resort of Bishu Shanzhuang (避暑山庄; Imperial Villa), served as…

6. Wenjin Pavilion

0.77 MILES

Built in 1773, this pavilion sits in the grounds of the imperial summer resort of Bishu Shanzhuang (避暑山庄; Imperial Villa).

7. Chengde Museum

0.96 MILES

This new, ultra-modern, strikingly good-looking museum wasn't quite finished at the time of research, but will be opening very soon and is set to showcase…

8. Main Palace

1.05 MILES

The Main Palace of the Bìshǔ Shānzhuāng (避暑山庄; Imperial Summer Resort) consists of a series of nine courtyards and five elegant, unpainted halls, with a…