Mountain in Tianlong & Tiantaishan

This forested mountain (1138m) has the astonishing temple of Wǔlóng Sì (伍龙寺) at its summit. A refreshing hike through the trees takes you to the summit, where you can explore the various rooms of the temple. In a hall at the rear sits a lithe figure of Guanyin, illuminated by a guttering candle; a further hall displays exhibits relating to local dìxì theatre. Afterwards, climb to the Dàyuètái terrace to gaze out over the glorious countryside.

When descending from the temple keep an eye out for a small shrine along a narrow trail, where a statue of one of the 18 luóhàn (Buddhist statues) sits grumpily all alone. His skinny frame is the result of generosity in giving food to others; he also bestows good fortune on all. Further below rises a 21m-high and 500-year-old gingko tree festooned with ribbons, while other trails disappear into the trees.

Tiāntaíshān is a 30-minute walk from Tiānlóng; follow the signs.