Iglesia de San Francisco

Puerto de la Cruz

Located just off the central (and famed) Plaza Charco is the Iglesia de San Francisco, tacked on to tiny Ermita de San Juan, the oldest structure in town (built between 1599 and 1608).

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1. Ermita de San Juan

Built between 1599 and 1608, Ermita de San Juan is the oldest structure in town and is attached to the Iglesia de San Francisco.

2. Plaza Charco

0.06 MILES

The magnificent central square of Plaza Charco (the names translates as 'Puddle Plaza' – it used to flood from the sea every time it was stormy) is shaded…

4. Casa de la Aduana

0.08 MILES

Built in 1620, Puerto de la Cruz' imposing old customs house is home to the tourist office as well as a fine contemporary-art museum. There are also…

5. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

0.09 MILES

The first contemporary art museum to open in Spain, dating from 1953, this well-displayed collection includes outstanding foreign, Spanish and Canarian…

6. Ayuntamiento

0.11 MILES

A banana-packaging factory until 1973, this grand and historic building is now Puerto de la Cruz' town hall.

7. Torreón de Ventoso

0.14 MILES

One of the better-kept historic buildings in Puerto de la Cruz, this tower with windows and balconies was once part of the town’s Augustine convent and…

8. Museo Arqueológico

0.15 MILES

This small but well laid-out museum provides an insight into the Guanche way of life with its replicas of a typical cave dwelling, as well as a burial…