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Compared to conurbations such as Vancouver and Toronto, Halifax barely qualifies as a city, but this seaside town punches well above its size: it's dotted with red-brick heritage buildings, public parks and a landmark citadel, blessed with some first-rate museums, and home to a truly epic 4km seafront boardwalk. True, relentless downtown redevelopment has done little to enhance the city's charm: boxy office blocks and uninspiring concrete carbuncles are rising where handsome ironstones and Victorian townhouses once stood, although some exceptions (notably the new Central Library) show what can be achieved when planners exercise a little more quality control.


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HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA - September 16, 2014: The Halifax Harbour Walk is a boardwalk open to the public 24 hours a day, which houses shops, restaurants and tourist excursion ships, such as this sailboat; Shutterstock ID 1150728200; GL: 65050; netsuite: 65050; full: Ultimate weekend in Halifax article; name: Jennifer Carey
The Halifax Harbour boardwalk lined with shops and bars and with a sailboat moored next to it.


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