Must see attractions in Yellowknife

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    Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

    Acting as NWT's historical and cultural archive, this well-laid-out museum overlooks Frame Lake. Expertly assembled displays address natural history,…

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    Great Slave Lake

    Yellowknife sits on the shores of Great Slave Lake – the 10th largest lake in the world and the deepest in North America. It takes its name from the…

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    Legislative Assembly

    In the impressive, igloo-shaped Legislative Assembly, you can learn about the territory's aboriginal-style government by joining their free hour-long tour…

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    Old Town

    Many living people are older than Yellowknife but, despite the fact the Old Town only dates from the mid-1930s, its ramshackle streets wedged between Back…

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    Yellowknife Cultural Crossroads

    On a huge boulder by the road there's a striking work of art: a soaring eagle, a whirl of colorful handprints and the skeletal outline of a tipi. In front…

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    NWT Diamond Centre

    A great place to buy your diamond bling, this gallery also provides a good overview of diamond mining in Canada's frigid north. The accompanying video…

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    Fred Henne Territorial Park

    Located opposite the airport off Hwy 3, Fred Henne Territorial Park is popular with campers, and in summer there's chilly swimming at Long Lake Beach.

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    Bush Pilot's Monument

    Perched atop 'The Rock,' a large outcrop in the middle of the Old Town, this simple needle pays homage to the gutsy bush pilots who opened up the NWT a…

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    Ragged Ass Rd

    Named by prospectors who had gone stone-broke (ragged ass), this road was immortalized in a song and album by Tom Cochrane, himself the son of a bush…

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    Bristol Monument

    Overlooking the airport, this Bristol freighter, once operated by Wardair, became the first ever plane to land at the North Pole in 1967.