Ryan Premises National Historic Site

Eastern Newfoundland

Explore a restored 19th-century saltfish mercantile complex at this National Historic Site, which consists of a slew of white clapboard buildings. The exhibits honor five centuries of fishing in Newfoundland via multimedia displays and interpretive programs.

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1. Bait Depot


Built in 1957, this building once housed, as the name implies, refrigeration and freezing facilities for fishing bait. It no longer serves that purpose,…

2. Ye Matthew Legacy

0.24 MILES

Enter this structure and discover a wonderful replica of John Cabot's 15th-century ship Matthew, which Cabot sailed into Bonavista. Travelers who love…

3. Mockbeggar Plantation


This handsome home once housed the family of F Gordon Bradley, one of Bonavista's most prominent citizens and a prominent advocate for Confederation with…

4. Dungeon Park

1.87 MILES

The sheer power of the ocean is more than evident at the Dungeon, a deep chasm 90m in circumference that was created by the collapse of two sea caves. The…

5. Sealers Interpretation Centre

3.46 MILES

This small museum began as a memorial to the men who died during the Great Sealing Disaster of 1914, which claimed 250 lives, some via shipwreck, others…

6. Cape Bonavista Lighthouse

3.89 MILES

This brilliant red-and-white-striped lighthouse dates from 1843. The interior has been restored to the 1870s, and includes the original lead-weight pulley…

7. Puffin Lookout


A short walking trail extends from this parking area to a cliff where you can see puffins poking their cute heads out of their cute hidey-holes before…