Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology

Museum in Drumheller

Image by Wolfgang Kaehler LightRocket via Getty Images

This fantastic museum is one of the preeminent dinosaur museums on the planet. Even if you have no interest in dinos, you'll come out feeling like you missed your calling as a paleontologist. The exhibits are nothing short of mind-blowing. Look for the skeleton of 'Hell-Boy', a new dinosaur discovered in 2005, and 'Black Beauty', a 67-million-year-old T rex rearing its head into the sky. You can learn how they're extracted and even peer into the fossil lab.

Unlike some other dinosaur exhibits, there's nothing dusty or musty about this super-modern place. Children will love the interactive displays.

There are also summertime opportunities to get among the badlands on a guided tour and discover your own dino treasures on a fossil search ($10) or a dinosaur dig ($15) – you'll feel like you've stepped right into your very own Jurassic Park.