Along seawall near Third Beach and Siwash Rock, Stanley Park.

Stanley Park Seawall


Built between 1917 and 1980, the 8.8km seawall trail is Vancouver's favorite outdoor hangout. Encircling the whole of Stanley Park, it offers spectacular waterfront, mountain-fringed vistas on one side and dense forest canopy on the other. You can walk the whole thing in around three blister-triggering hours or rent a bike from the Denman St operators near the park entrance to cover the route faster. But what's the rush? Slow down and slide into the natural side of life instead.

Keep in mind that cyclists and rollerbladers must travel counterclockwise on the seawall, so there's no going back once you start rolling. Also consider dipping into the 24km of trails that crisscross the park's interior, including Siwash Rock Trail, Rawlings Trail and the popular Beaver Lake Trail (some trails are for jogging only). Keep your eyes peeled for critters; the park is home to raccoons, coyotes and a plethora of beady-eyed birdlife.