Banff & Jasper National Parks in detail

Money and Costs


Canadian dollar (C$)


ATMs can be found in Banff and Jasper townsites, but are scarce elsewhere. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted.


Banks and ATMs are fairly widespread in the main townsites, and you’ll find branches of at least one major bank (CIBC, ATB, Scotiabank or Bank of Montreal) in Jasper, Banff and Canmore. Many gas stations, supermarkets and malls also have ATMs, and there are handy ATMs at Samson Mall in Lake Louise Village and Saskatchewan Crossing on the Icefields Pkwy.

If your bank is a member of the Cirrus or Maestro networks, you should be able to withdraw cash from ATMs featuring these logos, but fees for using the facility can be high.

Credit Cards

Visa and MasterCard are accepted practically everywhere; American Express is slightly less widely accepted.

Exchange Rates

Euro zone€1$1.48
New ZealandNZ$1$0.86


  • Restaurants 15% to 20% for good service is standard (and expected).
  • Cafes Cash or coins at your discretion may be left in the tip jar on the counter.
  • Hotels $1 to $2 per bag, gratuity for cleaning staff at your discretion.
  • Guides & backcountry lodges At your discretion (but generally expected).

Daily Costs


Less than $100

  • Camping or dorm room in hostel: $20–$50
  • Self-catering from supermarkets: $20
  • Hiking on local trails using public transport: free–$20
  • Daily park admission fee: $9.80
  • Campfire permit $8.80



  • Double room in a hotel: $200–300
  • Lunch and dinner with drinks in local midrange restaurants: $50
  • Compact car hire: $50

Top End:

More than $400

  • Suite in a luxury hotel or lodge: from $350
  • Three-course meal with wine: $80–100
  • Guided minibus tour: $100