Kompong Chhnang Airport

Northwestern Cambodia

The Khmer Rouge's never-operational Kompong Chhnang Airport, built between 1977 and 1978 by slave labour, was probably intended to serve as a base for launching air attacks against Vietnam. Cement of such high quality was used that even today the 2440m runway and access roads look like they were paved last week. The site is 12km west of town. Take NH5 towards Battambang for 7km and turn left onto a concrete road.

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1. Ondong Rossey


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2. Independence Monument

7.01 MILES

This large, dusky-red monument is a replica of the mother ship in Phnom Penh and marks the centre of Kompong Chhnang.

4. Psar Leu

7.07 MILES

Kompong Chhnang's central market has plenty of cheap and cheerful food stalls and is a bustling hub of local life.

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