Phnom Sombok


This small hill with an active wat offers the best views across the Mekong on this stretch of the river. Located on the road from Kratie to Kampi, a visit here can easily be combined with a trip to see the dolphins for an extra couple of dollars.

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1. Wat Roka Kandal

6.59 MILES

This beautiful little temple dating from the 19th century is one of the oldest in the region. The restored interior now houses a small handicraft centre…

2. Mekong Turtle Conservation Centre

15.21 MILES

This rundown (but well-meaning) wildlife conservation centre lies within the temple grounds of Wat Sorsor Moi Roi in Sambor, about 35km north of Kratie…

3. Wat Sorsor Moi Roi

15.24 MILES

Wat Sorsor Moi Roi, held up by 108 columns and covered in vibrant murals, was constructed on the site of a 19th-century wooden temple, a few pillars of…

4. Chhlong

21.7 MILES

The main attraction in this somnolent riverside town, 31km south of Kratie, is the old governor’s residence, a gorgeous yellow-and-white French colonial…