Burkina Faso in detail

Burkina Faso is known for

Natural Beauty

Sindou Peaks Once submerged under the sea, these magical, sculpted sandy hills are Burkina's top natural sight.

Réserve de Nazinga A wealth of wild animals can be spotted here; the highlight is the mighty elephant.

Tengréla Lake Heaven for bird watchers and a unique place for spotting hippos.

Dômes de Fabedougou Swirling, cone-shaped limestone domes make for a surreal, arresting sight.

Cultural Heritage

Tiébélé An unforgettable architectural feat, Tiébélé's colourful houses tell a story of the village's cultural history.

Niansogoni Hiking up to the ancient village displays 700 years of tribal life and local ingenuity.

Kibidwé Bobo's ancient historical centre has maintained its bustling, chaotic street life for thousands of years.

Musée de Poni A fantastic ethnographic collection of Lobi culture that shows local life before European colonisation.


Fespaco Africa's top film festival, held in Ouagadougou, features all the best of Burkinabé and other African filmmakers.

Fête des Masques Bobo-Dioulasso's funerals are accompanied by dancing groups of local men wearing wonderful wooden masks.

SIAO The best time and place for finding quality local arts and crafts.

Jazz à Ouaga A wonderful mix of Afrobeat, local rhythms and jazz, held in the capital.

Local Food

Maquis Aboussouan Soak up Ouaga's atmosphere and eat a hearty riz arachide (rice with peanut sauce).

La Canne d'Or The gastronomies of West Africa and France meet in style in Bobo-Dioulasso.

McDonald This lively, shack-style restaurant is a local favourite in Banfora.

La Guinguette A roadside bathing area and diner under the trees dishing out simple Burkinabé food.