Thracian Tomb of Kazanlâk


In hilly Tyulbe Park, a 15-minute walk northeast of Kazanlâk's centre, stands one of the archaeological finds of the 20th century: a brilliantly frescoed, 4th-century-BC tomb of a Thracian ruler. Discovered in 1944 during construction of a bomb shelter, it's now a Unesco World Heritage site. In order to protect the site, visitors aren't allowed inside, but rather can explore a replica tomb next door.

Along the dromos (vaulted entry corridor), a double frieze depicts battle scenes. The burial chamber is 12m in diameter and covered by a beehive dome typical of Thracian 3rd-to-5th-century-BC design. The dome's murals depict events such as a funeral feast and chariot race. This tomb is one of several that have been discovered in the region. The ‘Valley of Thracian Kings’ extends north towards Shipka.

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