Royal Regalia Museum

Top choice museum in Bandar Seri Begawan

Image by Anders Blomqvist Getty Images

When called upon to present a gift to the sultan of Brunei, you must inevitably confront the question: what do you give a man who has everything? At this entertaining museum you'll see how heads of state have solved this conundrum. Look out for a solid silver model of Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Nazca Lines–shaped silver pins (Peru) and a model of the Grand Mosque of Mecca made of precious metals and stones (Saudi Arabia).

Family photos and explanatory texts offer a good overview of the life of the sultan, who is himself depicted in myriad forms (including a hologram) from childhood through military service at Sandhurst to his lavish wedding and sporty adult life.

Also on display are the chariot used during the sultan's 1992 silver-jubilee procession (the chariot is accompanied by an army of traditionally dressed headless mannequins representing those present on the day) and a second chariot used for the 1968 coronation.