Foz do Iguaçu

If you are wondering how construction of the Itaipu Dam affected the area’s flora and fauna, check out the Ecomuseu, which also includes a large model of the tri-national region.

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1. Flora and Fauna Itaipú Binacional


In the creation of the Itaipú Dam, the dam company was obliged to set up a series of eight private reserves that now protect the last remnants of the Alto…

2. Itaipu Binacional

3.21 MILES

With a capacity of 14 million kilowatts, this binational dam is the world's second-largest hydroelectric power station, and the one that produces the most…

3. Salto del Monday

7.92 MILES

This impressive 80m-high waterfall, located 10km south of Ciudad del Este, suffers from its close proximity to Iguazú Falls on the other side of the…

4. Marco das Três Fronteiras

9.39 MILES

Once little more than an uneventful obelisk, the Parque Nacional do Iguaçu concession folks have now built a small tourist complex around the viewpoint of…

5. Hito Argentino

9.67 MILES

A kilometer west of the center, this is a great viewpoint with a small obelisk painted in Argentine colors at the impressive confluence of the Ríos Paraná…

6. Casa Ecológica de Botellas

11.83 MILES

About 300m off the falls road, this fascinating place is well worth a visit. The owners have taken used packaging materials – plastic bottles, juice…

7. Güirá Oga

12.02 MILES

On the way to the falls, this is an animal hospital and center for rehabilitation of injured wildlife. It also carries out valuable research into the…

8. Parque das Aves

12.7 MILES

This 5-hectare bird park, located 300m from the entrance to Parque Nacional do Iguaçu, is home to 800-plus species of birds, including red ibis, bare…