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Adventure travel

Journeys down the world's longest rivers

5 min readPublished Sep 24, 2020

The Amazon, Nile, and Yangzi are three of the world's longest rivers – and each provide amazing opportunities for river cruise adventures.

Aerial of the Amazon river in Brazil.
Sustainable travel

Unmissable experiences in the Brazilian Amazon

5 min readPublished Aug 25, 2019

From above, the Brazilian Amazon can seem like a world without end. One of the last truly wild places on the planet, this vast yet vulnerable carpet of…

Unmissable experiences in the Brazilian Amazon
Wildlife and nature

A beginner's guide to Brazil

7 min readPublished Jan 21, 2016

What do you get if you combine cinematic landscapes, kaleidoscopic culture, head-spinning biodiversity and a constant rhythm of carefree joie de vivre?…

A beginner's guide to Brazil
Adventure travel

Welcome to the jungle: planning your Amazon adventure

5 min readPublished Feb 20, 2013

The Amazon basin is a marvel of the world and the imagination, an ecosystem of unrivaled size and diversity, and a place of near mythical status among…

Explore the twisting waterways of the world's longest river © Olivier Goujon / robertharding / Getty Images

Tips for Amazon riverboat trips

4 min readPublished Nov 20, 2012

Rivers are roads in Amazonia, and riverboat trips are a uniquely Amazonian experience: the slow pace, sleeping in hammocks, watching the river and forest…

Tips for Amazon riverboat trips