Mercado Velho

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Not only a great place for a meal or late-afternoon beer, Rio Branco’s refurbished riverside Mercado Velho is a favorite spot for city-sponsored cultural events, including live music, dance performances, poetry readings and comedy troupes, usually held evenings and weekends.

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1. Palacio Rio Branco

0.16 MILES

Acre’s first capitol building, the imposing Palacio Rio Branco, is now mostly a tourist attraction. A maze of interconnected rooms contain informative,…

2. Memorial dos Autonomistas

0.22 MILES

In its spiffy home on the main plaza, the Memorial dos Autonomistas has a permanent display on Acre’s battle for statehood, plus space for rotating art…

3. Cathedral

0.24 MILES

Rio Branco's main cathedral, built in 1959, has a single soaring bell tower and three long, spacious naves lined with 36 stained-glass windows.

4. Museu da Borracha

0.36 MILES

The long-standing Rubber Museum is well worth a look for its fascinating history of rubber-tapping in Acre. The museum's three rooms have displays ranging…