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Wildlife Watching

Botswana is one of Africa’s great safari destinations. There are more elephants here than in any other country on the planet. But whether it’s elephants, lions, leopards, hyenas, rhinos, buffaloes, antelope or myriad other species, their numbers and variety in Botswana will quickly overwhelm your digital camera. In Namibia the series of waterholes around Etosha Pan attract astounding numbers of animals (especially in the dry season), making wildlife watching as simple as parking your car, putting your feet up and letting the animals come to you. And if that’s not up-close-and-personal enough, what about the chance to track highly endangered black rhinos…on foot?


The landscapes of Namibia and Botswana will sometimes leave you wondering if you have arrived on another planet. That mighty gash hacked out of the earth’s surface at Fish River Canyon is one of the great natural sights on the continent. Lonely desert roads expose you to a wilderness that will clear your mind and work its way into your soul. Humongous slabs of flat-topped granite rise out of mists of windblown sand and swirling dust – the effect is ethereal, with the granite appearing to float above the ground. As the road snakes into the distant horizon you may just feel as though you're driving through a coffee-table book of landscapes.

Ancient Culture

The ancestors of the San, an ancient people who have direct links back to the Stone Age, left behind extraordinary records in the form of rock paintings throughout the region. The Tsodilo Hills, Botswana’s only Unesco World Heritage Site, showcase the pictorial record of this prehistoric culture, as do extensive galleries of rock art in Namibia. Also in Namibia, opportunities to interact with local cultures in the north include meeting the Himba of the Kaokoveld (a Herero subgroup who were a part of the early Bantu migrations). Himba women are famous for smearing themselves with a fragrant mixture of ochre, butter and bush herbs, which dyes their skin a burnt-orange hue.

Adventure Activities

Namibia is Southern Africa’s headquarters for adrenaline-pumping fun. Fling yourself out of a plane and float back to earth, hurl yourself down a sand dune, surf the breakers on the Atlantic coast or head off into a desert sunset atop a camel. There are many ways to ensure that a visit to this region lives with you long after the desert sands recede into the distance. Swakopmund is where most of adventure activities happen, and it's worth spending a few days here if they have even the remotest appeal.

Top experiences in Botswana & Namibia

Botswana & Namibia activities

$66.69 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Namibia Walvis Bay Dolphin and Seal Wacthing Catamaran Cruise

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Catamaran Charters Check-in pointEnjoy Catamaran Cruise while seeing a Shipreck, an abundance of marine life and moreDuration: 3 hours

$60 Outdoor Activities

Welwitschia Tour from Swakopmund

This enlightening journey takes you through the ancient canyons of the Moon Valley, one of the most fascinating areas of the Namib Desert. Let us take you back millions of years to when these badlands were formed. Learn the intrinsic value of the desert flora to the indigenous people who once roamed Southern Africa. Discover the medicinal and nutritional use of desert adapted flora, and delve into the secrets of the Welwitschia mirabilis.We learn of the Desert adapted of flora and fauna in order to survive under these harsh conditions by unfolding many hidden secrets.This informative tour also looks into what we call “the future of the Central Namib”, as we inform our guests about planned future industrial activities as well as existing ones in the area, due to the growth of Uranium mining and other related industry.This spectacular area is also home to some wildlife, and we might just spot Springbok, Ostrich, Klipspringer, Swallow-tailed Bee-eater, Karoo Chat and others. Smaller creatures, such as chameleons and beetles call this their home too.

$171.27 Outdoor Activities

Mola Mola Marine Dune Experience

The day starts with check-in - 8h30 at our Walvis Bay Waterfront Offices - to start the Marine Dolphin Cruise at 9h00. You'll receive a boarding pass and all boats depart from the Waterfront Jetty (in front of our office). The Marine Dolphin Cruise proceeds through the Lagoon area, oyster farms all the way to Pelican Point. Here you will be welcomed by the impressive 70 000 plus Cape Fur Seal Colony and the landmark Pelican Point Lighthouse. Throughout our informative guides will entertain you in English, Afrikaans, Dutch and German. Common sightings include Bottlenose and Heavyside Dolphins, Cape Fur Seals, Flamingos, Pelicans, Mola Molas, penguins and Humpback & Southern Right Whales (August-November).  The return cruise to the Waterfront will include a light lunch, fresh Walvis Bay oysters, sparkling wine, beverages and bottled water. After disembarking from The Marine Dolphin Cruise guests usually have about 20 mins break before the 4×4 depart – once again from the Offices. The journey to Sandwich Harbour starts with a stop at the Walvis Bay Lagoon to view the flamingos and then proceeds to the Kuiseb River Delta through the Walvis Bay Saltpans. The Sandwich Harbour Lagoon, and it's rich wetlands, is a Ramsar site (one of five in Namibia) and we always try to reach it via the beach. This is however dependant on tides and the swell and if this isn't possible we will get a look out spot for a elevated view of the Sandwich Harbour Lagoon.   There are various stops and ample opportunity for some breathtaking photos. One of the stops also includes some light snacks, homemade bakes, beverages and sparkling wine.  Some common sightings include animals that are desert adapted like the black-backed jackal, fog-basking beetle, dancing spider (‘white lady of the Namib’), golden mole, Springbok, Oryx, ostrich, brown hyena and gecko. The Lagoon and Saltpans are home to large variety of waders.  This is a full day excursion and our vehicles usually only return after 17h30 allowing the for the full utilisation of the golden sunset.

$90.74 Day Trips & Excursions

Namib Desert from Walvis Bay 3-Hour Quad Bike Tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Namib Desert, Sossusvlei, Namib-Naukluft Park, Khomas RegionEnjoy Quad biking though the Namib Desert. Duration: 3 hours

$94.74 Day Trips & Excursions

Highlights of Walvis Bay Guided Day Tour

8:30am your day starts when you are collected you from your accommodation in Walvis Bay, after a short briefing and introduction you make your way out of the town towards Dune 7.Arrive at Dune 7 in approx. 20 minutes and once you are there you will have some free time to take photos and climb this massive dune to experience the feeling of being "on top of the world".After you had your daily exercise to the top of Dune 7, head back towards the town and onto the Walvis Bay Salt Refinery. This refinery produces a staggering 750 000 tons of salt per year, much of which is exported internationally. It covers an area of 4500 hectare and is in the process of expanding as we speak. Massive heaps of salt that looks like snow and bright pink coloured water basins provides us with spectacular photos.From here you'll head onto the Peninsula, with the calm lagoon to the right and the roaring Atlantic ocean to the left, this drive to the very tip of the Pelican Point Peninsula is an adventure itself. Along the way you'll see wildlife, a shipwreck and the Pelican Point Lighthouse.The Lighthouse was built in 1932 and stands 35 meters high. It now offers luxury accommodation to its clients and offers complete relaxation in this unique area. Once at the very tip of the Peninsula you will have the opportunity to explore and take in the great scenery surrounded by wildlife that includes the second largest Cape Fur Seal colony in the country.The Seals will keep you entertained for hours! While you are exploring , start setting up lunch which includes a variety of finger snacks, sparkling wine, local beers, water , soft drinks and a desert. After you've enjoyed some refreshments, head back towards the Salt Refinery, and then onto the Walvis Bay Lagoon.This lagoon in the southwest of town is regarded as one of the most important wetlands for birds along the southern African coast. It was proclaimed a RAMSAR site (an important wetland area for birds) in 1955. It covers the shallow lagoon, the beach and the inter tidal areas of Pelcan Point and the saltworks. Its a tidal lagoon and the best birdviewing occurs during low tide. This area is a feeding site for upto 50 % of greater flamingos found in Southern Africa  and also attracts other species like gulls, plovers, pelicans and the endemic Damara Tern. There is an estimated 170 000 resident birds around the lagoon and aprox 200 000 more stopping over during their migratory route.Stop here and enjoy the sights and sounds of this spectacular lagoon before heading back to conclude your tour at your accommodation.

$116.61 Day Trips & Excursions

Moon Landscape and Welwitschia Half-Day Tour from Walvis Bay

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Red Dune Safaris, Walvis Bay, Erongo RegionAfter picup and a quick breifing we head out of town toward the arrid Dorob National Park.Duration: 4 hours