Grand Place

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Tournai’s gorgeous triangular main square is ringed with cafes in fine gable-fronted guildhouses merrily flying guild banners. Kids play in ‘dare-you’ fountains beneath an axe-wielding statue of Princess d'Espinoy, the doomed heroine who led Tournai's eventually futile defence against a 1581 Spanish siege.

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1. Halle Aux Draps

0.02 MILES

Tournai's former cloth hall is the Grand Place's finest building, with an elegant gilt-detailed facade and a brick-vaulted interior that opens for…

2. Beffroi

0.06 MILES

Belgium’s oldest belfry is 72m high with a narrow 257-step spiral staircase that becomes even narrower higher up. There's a good multilingual display on…

3. Musée de Folklore

0.07 MILES

This is a lovable and sizeable warren of fascinating city-relevant relics and ethnographic artefacts. It's all in French, but many of the cameo scenes are…

4. Église St-Quentin

0.07 MILES

Église St-Quentin is a hefty Romanesque church with a 12th-century nave, posterior Gothic features and a striking red-tiled roof. When viewed from near…

5. Cathédrale Notre Dame

0.09 MILES

Dominating Tournai’s skyline are the five spires of its remarkable cathedral, which survived WWII bombs only for a freak 1999 tornado to compromise its…

6. Trésor de la Cathédrale

0.09 MILES

There are some impressive pieces in the treasury in the heart of Tournai's cathedral, including a fabulous 'Last Judgement' châsse (casket), a striking…

8. Tour du Cygne

0.18 MILES

One of two towers preserved from the original 1202 city wall, this is a surprising sight at the end of a nondescript lane.