Collégiale Ste-Waudru

Church in Mons

Within this lofty, airy, 15th-century Gothic church you'll find the golden reliquary of Ste-Waudru (hanging above the altar) and the fanciful 1782 Car d’Or, a gilded, cherub-adorned coach used to carry it during Ste-Waudru festival Le Doudou. The small treasury displays Ste-Waudru’s shrouds and a sword-slashed skull in a reliquary – supposedly of sainted Merovingian king Dagobert II. Some conspiracy theorists consider that Dagobert’s murder in 675 was an attempt to put an end to the ‘Jesus bloodline’.

The stained-glass windows, dating from the 16th-century, are exceptional, as are the 16th-century sculptures and reliefs carved by the illustrious Renaissance artist Jacques du Broeucq.