Northeast Belgium

Claiming to be Belgium's largest rococo church, the 1759 Sint-Gorgoniuskerk rises from the town's cute central square. More impressive inside than out, it commemorates a Roman martyr whose relics were carried to Hoegaarden in 765.

Directly south, beside the tourist office, is a gateway that opens into a lovely area of gardens that are well worth exploring.

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1. Sint-Germanuskerk

3.16 MILES

Sitting on Tienen's central rise, Sint-Germanuskerk's remarkable early-13th-century belfry is a towering Romanesque structure topped by 16th-century…

2. OLV-ten-Poelkerk


The impressive if oddly shaped church of OLV-ten-Poel has a soaring 70m 15th-century tower in white stone capped by a 1654 baroque spire and fronted with…

3. Het Toreke

3.24 MILES

Tucked into the yard behind the tourist office (from where you access it), this museum's collection mostly celebrates the rich grave finds from Roman…

4. Drie Tumuli

3.59 MILES

The most unique evocation of Tienen's rich Roman heritage is this trio of grave mounds commemorating Marcus Probius Burrus. Left overgrown for a century…

5. Grimde Necropolis

3.71 MILES

Push open the door of this 13th-century former church and you'll see not pews but the flower-decked graves of 145 brave Belgians who died in August 1914…

6. St-Leonarduskerk

10.27 MILES

Partly dating to the 13th century, St-Leonarduskerk is topped with a fanciful tower reminiscent of a galleon’s crow’s nest. Miraculously, given Zoutleeuw…

7. Stadhuis

10.29 MILES

Opposite St-Leonarduskerk, the old town hall building is a 19th-century faux-medieval delight with majestic pre-Raphaelite murals in the ground-floor hall…

8. OLV-Ter-Koorts

10.68 MILES

With its unusual interplay of brick and stone work, the exterior of this baroque former church is worth a look as you stroll by. It's now part of a…