De Wereld van Kina: het Huis


This mishmash of a natural history museum is aimed primarily at school kids. Meet Pterygotus (a man-sized prehistoric lobster), walk through a human body with pounding heart, and get quizzed in the lively sex-education room. Press buttons to hear the songs of stuffed birds and find the model of Ghent as it looked in the 16th century. Admission grants access to Kina's sister complex, the Garden, located 3km to the north.

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1. St-Pietersabdij

0.02 MILES

Once the country’s biggest abbey, St-Pieters was the original centre around which Ghent grew. Its fabulous wealth evaporated after French revolutionary…

2. MSK


Styled like a Greek temple, this superb 1903 fine-art gallery introduces a veritable A–Z of great Belgian and other Low Countries' painters from the 14th…

3. S.M.A.K.

0.33 MILES

Ghent’s highly regarded Museum of Contemporary Art is one of Belgium's largest. Works from its 3000-strong permanent collection (dating from 1939 to the…


0.43 MILES

Shoehorned into a 17th-century former nunnery-hospital complex, this fabulous, architecturally striking, ultra-modern museum does a very thorough job of…

5. Universiteit Gent Botanical Garden

0.45 MILES

Home to more than 10,000 species, the pièce de résistance of Ghent's 2.75-hectare botanic gardens is its glasshouses, which contain an impressive…

6. St-Annakerk

0.59 MILES

The imposing and beautiful St Anne's church was designed by architect Louis Roelandt in 1851 but never completed in the true Byzantine-style he envisioned…

7. Geeraard de Duivelsteen

0.71 MILES

This 13th-century Gothic castle has had many incarnations; it's been used as a monastery, a school, a seminary, a prison and an asylum. It also housed a…

8. Statue of Van Eyck Brothers

0.72 MILES

This statue of the creators of Ghent's world-renowned Adoration of the Mystic Lamb was unveiled here for the 1913 World Expo.