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This mural very effectively depicts a life-sized figure teetering towards a trompe l’œil window.

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1. Église Notre-Dame des Riches Claires

0.08 MILES

From a public courtyard off Place St-Géry (go through the black steel gates next to the bistro La Lion St Géry), there's a view of Église Notre Dame des…

2. Broussaille

0.08 MILES

Painted in 1991 by Frank Pé, Broussaille was the city's first giant mural and depicts a young couple arm in arm. This strip is located in Brussels' gay…

3. Au Lion d'Or

0.12 MILES

The vaulted 1811 brick, neo-Gothic Au Lion d’Or building bridges a branch of the Senne River.

4. Manneken Pis

0.13 MILES

Rue Charles Buls – Brussels’ most unashamedly touristy shopping street, lined with chocolate and trinket shops – leads the hordes three blocks from the…

5. Tintin

0.13 MILES

This mural features the most famous of Belgium's fictional characters.

6. Halles St-Géry

0.14 MILES

In 1881 this superb neo-Renaissance brick-and-wrought-iron meat market was built around a curious pyramidal monument-fountain (itself built to replace a…

7. Musée du Cacao et du Chocolat

0.17 MILES

Exhibits at Brussels’ museum of cocoa and chocolate give you a quick rundown of chocolate’s history in Europe, along with chocolate’s anti-aging and…

8. Bourse

0.18 MILES

The Bourse is Belgium’s 1873 stock-exchange building. It's closed to visitors, but you can enjoy its grandiose neoclassical facade, which is brilliantly…