View of Town Hall of Brugge

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The beautiful 1420 stadhuis features a fanciful facade that’s second only to Leuven’s for exquisitely turreted Gothic excess. Inside, an audioguide explains numerous portraits in somewhat excessive detail before leading you upstairs to the astonishing Gotische Zaal (Gothic Hall). The exterior is smothered with replica statues of the counts and countesses of Flanders, the originals having been torn down in 1792 by French soldiers. Entrance includes admission to the Gothic Hall and adjacent Brugse Vrije.

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1. Gotische Zaal

0.01 MILES

Within the stadhuis, this hall's polychromatic ceiling almost drips with medieval carvings. Murals depicting the town's history add to the room's…

2. Basiliek van het Heilig Bloed

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The western end of the stadhuis morphs into the Basiliek van het Heilig Bloed. The basilica takes its name from a phial supposedly containing a few drops…

3. Brugse Vrije

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Eye-catching with its early baroque gables, gilt highlights and golden statuettes, this was once the seat of the ‘Liberty of Bruges’, the large autonomous…

4. Burg

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Just east of the Markt, the less theatrical but still enchanting Burg has been Bruges' administrative centre for centuries. It's in this area you'll find…

5. Sint-Donaaskerk Foundations

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In the 1990s, when excavating for the foundations of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, workers literally hit a wall. This wall, it turned out, belonged to the 10th…

6. The Beer Experience

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The Markt's newest attraction will appeal to the many who love a Belgian beer. Guided by a multilingual iPad app, the museum takes you through the history…

7. Museum-Gallery XPO Salvador Dali

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Located within the Belfort, this small gallery has one of the largest private collections of work (primarily sketches, painting and sculpture) of the…

8. Markt Hallen

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The 13th-century former market halls occupy a rectangular building at the base of the Belfort, only 44m across but 84m deep. The halls have been at the…