Archéosite is a recreated ‘settlement’ of ancient dwellings and workshops representing Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Gallo-Roman eras. It's an interesting visit and makes an effort to present Roman buildings as they actually might have been. Start off with a 20-minute video that gives an overview of the site (ask for English). On summer Sundays, volunteer craftsmen in period costume demonstrate cottage industries of times gone by.

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1. Château de Belœil

2.98 MILES

Sitting in an artificial lake within a vast manicured park, the Château de Belœil is a regal country palace-house that's packed with classical furniture…

2. Brasserie à Vapeur

4.09 MILES

Started in 1785, this tiny affair is Belgium’s last traditional steam-operated brewery. This wonderfully authentic family enterprise is best known for its…

3. Maison des Géants

5.76 MILES

If you miss the giants' festival, you can learn more at the Maison des Géants, in a grand old mansion opposite the castle-style tower of Église St-Julien…

4. Espace Gallo-Romain

5.99 MILES

A fascinating place to learn about the region's Roman roots, with audiovisual displays and a collection of objects from the distant past. Among the…

5. Pairi Daiza

9.39 MILES

Set on the grounds of a former Cistercian Abbey, this 65-hectare park is home to more than 5000 animals (including pandas, koalas, gorillas and lemurs)…

6. Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose

11.8 MILES

Founded in 1242, this is Belgium’s only medieval convent-farm-hospital complex to have survived reasonably intact. Laboriously restored, it demonstrates…

7. Trésor de la Cathédrale

12.72 MILES

There are some impressive pieces in the treasury in the heart of Tournai's cathedral, including a fabulous 'Last Judgement' châsse (casket), a striking…

8. Cathédrale Notre Dame

12.72 MILES

Dominating Tournai’s skyline are the five spires of its remarkable cathedral, which survived WWII bombs only for a freak 1999 tornado to compromise its…