Museum of Folk Architecture & Rural Lifestyle


Several dozen traditional wood houses, a school, a church and an old windmill have been transplanted to this open-air folk museum in Azyartso, 15km southwest of central Minsk. While not as developed as the similarly themed Dudutki museum nearby, this is a more authentic experience and a must for 19th-century rural-architecture buffs.

Enjoy the rich scent of pinewood in the houses and the ripe smell of loam in the work sheds as you take in the complex, which is peppered with maple and apple trees. Festivals such as Kupalle (summer solstice festival) are a good time to visit, as the museum stays open late for dancing, singing and merrymaking. A 100-year-old tavern serves lunch. To get here take a Dubyantsy-bound bus from the Southwest Bus Station (BYN0.60, every 90 minutes). Ask your driver to let you off at the Azyartso (Ozertso) 'muzey' (museum).