Tasting delicious farm-made sausages, cheese and bread is only a small part of a visit to the open-air interactive museum of Dudutki, 40km south of Minsk. This self-sufficient farm offers horse riding, sleigh rides, demonstrations of ceramics making and blacksmithing, and more. You'll be offered fresh salo (cured pork fat) with garlic, pickles dipped in honey and homemade samahon (moonshine). Take bus number 323 to Dudutki (BYN2.66, 1¼ hours) from Minsk's Central Bus Station. Departures are at 9.45am and 12.55pm.

Return trips are at 11.15am, 2.20pm and 5.40pm. A small souvenir market near the entrance sells crafts produced at the complex, the highlights being wool boots and slippers, and leather goods.