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Historical Day Trip: North of Qatar from Doha

Welcome to Qatar’s history. Your tour guide will take you on a time travel starting at Al Khor’s harbor, the country's center for pearl diving and fishing in old times. Passing through Al Thakira, you will visit the mangroves and an ancient Mosque at Al-Jassasiya. The Zubara Fort is well known as an archaeological site and excavations are taking place there till today. You will also visit a traditional Qatari village in the North, with houses made of limestone and mud. Al Shamal is the north point of Qatar, from where you can see Bahrain on clear days. Enjoy the view before being transported back to your accommodation in Doha.

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Bahrain Historical Private Half Day Tour

You will be met by your English speaking guide in your hotel lobby and proceed for the tour. The first stop of the day will be at the Ahmed Al Fateh Grand Mosque. This mosque is the largest mosque in the country which can accommodate 7,000 worshipers and has been crowned with the worlds largest fiberglass dome. The next visit will be the Bait Al Quran. It is one of the island's most attractive pieces of architecture and is the home to an immensely fair and valuable collection of Islamic manuscripts collected from all around the Islamic world. Moving on, the tour will proceed to Bahrain National Museum. One of the first museums in the Gulf, the Bahrain National Museum opened in 1988 and its the place to learn Bahrain's history, culture and traditions. Next, you will have brief stop by the Bahrain World Trade Center for a photo stop. The Bahrain World Trade Center is 240 m (787 ft) high and the twin tower complex located in Manama was built in 2008. It is the first skyscraper in the world to integrate wind turbines into its design. The last visit of the day will be the King Fahad Causeway. Opened in 1986, this remarkable 25km feat of engineering links Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The causeway traverses Umm Al Nasan Island, which is a sanctuary for wildlife and at the halfway point there is a facility area, including a tower restaurant, which you can visit even if you don't travel the whole distance to Saudi Arabia. You will then be returned to your hotel in Manama.

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Catch the Essence of Manama - The Half Day Tour of a Lifetime

Half a day of WonderUnravel the essence of Bahrain in a mesmerizing knit of traditions and modern trends.As the clock hits 9:00 AM, you’ll step into our sightseeing bus and embark on an unforgettable tour with an expert guide - the kind of storyteller guide that knows the inside-outs of Manama. Our first stop will be at the at the impressive Al-Fateh Mosque, one of the biggest mosques in the world. Here, we’ll gain a deeper insight into the Arabic culture and admire the beautiful Kulic calligraphy and fiberglass dome that stand testimony of its greatness.If you’re lucky enough to visit on a Friday, we’ll make a quick photo stop to snap a fantastic memory. We’ll continue our historical quest with a visit to the Bahrain National Museum and immerse ourselves in the rich history and culture of Bahrain which accounts for more than 6000 years. Next, we’ll head to the Muharraq Souq and have a taste of the delectable Bahraini ‘Halwa’ and make an unforgettable stop at the Old Houses of Muhharaq and Bahrain Fort to revive the Bahraini tradition. We’ll end the tour at the Bab al Bahrain, where we’ll try to reconstruct with our imagination what Bahrain looked some hundreds of years ago when this gate stood close to the water’s edge. Highlights: • Locally flavored stories by our expert English Speaking Guide • A bite of history at the Al Fateh Grand Mosque • Cultural immersion at the Bahrain National Museum • Gem chasing at the Muharraq Souq • Heritage discovery at the Old Houses of Muharraq and the Bahrain Fort • Time travel into the past at the Bab al Bahrain

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Archaeological Tour Bahrain

You will be met by your English speaking guide at your hotel lobby in Manama and proceed for your sightseeing tour. The first stop will be to Bahrain Fort. Thought to be once the centre of power for the ancient Dilmun civilization, Qal'at Al Bahrain (Bahrain Fort) has UNESCO World Heritage status. Next up visit Barbar Temple. These temples are among the most remarkable architectural survivals of the ancient world. It is an archaeological site located in the North-western village of Barbar in Bahrain. Archaeologists found three temples built on top of each other belonging to different eras.You will then move onto Saar Ancient Settlement. Saar is a well laid out settlement with a main street running up from the southeastern outskirts. It has a temple in the centre at the crossroads of the settlement and two and three roomed buildings constructed in rows with standard room plans and suites of domestic installations. Over 80 buildings, mainly buildings have been discoeverd here. Saar Burial Complex is next up. There are large number of interconnecting graves in this ancient site. It is a type of burial unique to Bahrain.Finally you will see the Burial Mounds.: These archaeological mounds are of great historical importance going back to the Dilmun civilization in the third millennium BC. Other archaeological mounds, which go back to the Hellenistic period of Alexander the Great (2500 BC) are also found in various areas in Bahrain. The most imposing mounds are those believed to be the Dilmunite Royal Tombs. These tombs are seen in A'ali close to modern dwellings. You will then be returned to your hotel in Manama.

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Half-Day Bahrain Desert Tour

Welcome to Bahrain! Let’s take an adrenaline infused desert tour! Visiting Bahrain would be incomplete without venturing into the desert. Here, you’ll discover a place beyond comparison. Countless breathtaking and exciting stops will intrigue, amaze and thrill! To really show you what Bahrain is all about, we’re going to take you to the star locations and mesmerize you with fascinating desert sceneries, topping it all off with an F1 experience. Sounds good? Then let’s go! An Oasis in the Desert Deserts are usually perceived as barren and uneventful places, where the passing of time is only visible through the ever-shifting sands. This is not the case, however, with the desert of Bahrain. Combining the luring temptation of the Arabian Nights with meaningful historic sites and adrenaline-infused activities, Sakhir is one of the most thrilling deserts you will ever roam. To unveil all its grandeur, an expert guide will mark the route and excavate stories that will incite and amaze.We will start at 2 PM with an exclusive “behind the scenes” sneak peek at the Bahrain International Circuit, where the thrill and excitement will take over. We guarantee your heart will start racing!Next, we’ll stop to admire the emblems of the desert at the Royal Camel Farm.Once done, we’ll set our calendars some tens of years ago and visit the 1st Oil Well in Bahrain. Since we’ll already be on memory lane, we’ll let history carry us even further and recollect our thoughts at the mesmerizing Tree of Life, right in the middle of the desert.Then, we’ll be ready to taste history at the Riffa Fort and get in touch with ancient civilizations at the A’Ali Burial Mounds. As the tour will slowly reach its end, we won’t miss the chance to discover some well-kept crafts and old pottery techniques at A’Ali Pottery.We get back to the hotel, packed with unforgettable experiences. Highlights:  • Locally flavored stories by our expert English Speaking Guide • Behind-the-scenes tour at the Bahrain International Circuit • Pit Stop visit at the Royal Camel Farm • Discover the 1st Oil Well in Bahrain • Catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring aura of the Tree of Life • Wonder at the Riffa Fort for a piece of history • Reconstruct a 4000 years old world at the A’Ali Burial Mounds • Be amazed and learn the secrets of traditional crafts at the A’Ali Pottery

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Nature Flora and Fauna Trip from Manama

You will be met by your English speaking guide at the hotel lobby at 14.00. You will then proceed on your sightseeing tour. The first stop will be to Jabel Al Dukhan, the highest point of the country. It stands at 137 meters above sea level in the middle of Sakhir Desert in Bahrain.Next you will see the First Oil Well in the Middle East. Bahrain was the first country to discover oil in the Arabian Gulf in 1932 beneath Jabel Al Dukhan or Mountain of Smoke. You can see the Gulf's first oil well here. Next up you will see the Tree of Life. This well-matured tree has come to be known as the Tree Of Life because of the mystery surrounding its existence in the middle of the desert without any known water sources. The tree is believed to be from the Acacia family which is able to withstand harsh environments and can live for many years.The last stop will be to Al-Areen Wildlife Park (Sanctuary). Established in 1975, the park is perfect for families and animal lovers to explore at leisure and to enjoy the opportunity of seeing animals in the wild. On the way back to the hotel there will be brief photo stop at the Bahrain International Circuit  'The home of Motorsport in the Middle East'.