In and around Lerik there are numerous points from which to savour wide panoramas over highland fields and serrated crags. One relatively central option can be found by climbing the long stairway behind Flag Sq onto the main suburban ridge. For still wider views, hike/drive up to the TV tower across the valley.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Azerbaijan attractions

1. Centenarians Museum

0.27 MILES

This modest two-room museum celebrates the statistically high proportion of centenarians among Talysh mountain people. Most famous was Şirəli Müslümov …

2. Imam Ali Məscidi

23.37 MILES

Dating from 1876, this tile-roofed brick mosque is archetypal of the region with its coloured-glass windows set within large pointed arches. Its pair of…

3. Bazaar

23.42 MILES

Lənkəran’s sprawling bazaar area is centred on an architecturally drab concrete hangar, but it’s loaded with colourful produce and equally colourful local…

4. Fisherman's Beach

23.66 MILES

Lənkəran's grey-sand beaches aren't a big attraction if you want to swim and many are dotted with debris. Nonetheless, the coastal area around 1km north…

5. Heydar Əliyev Mərkəzi

23.75 MILES

Pop into this refreshingly air-conditioned centre to peruse the photographic exhibition on the life and times of the 'National Leader'. Or simply to cool…

6. Həzi Aslanov Statue

23.8 MILES

The figure standing proudly in front of the train station is local WWII hero Həzi Aslanov, whose plinth rises from a stylised concrete tank.

7. History Museum

23.85 MILES

The distinctive if heavily restored mansion containing this museum was built in 1913 for the grandson of Talysh khan Mir Mustafa. It features some grave…

8. Stalin's Prison

23.89 MILES

This sturdy brick-barrel tower once imprisoned Joseph Stalin during his early revolutionary days. However, there's no attempt to commemorate the fact and…