Virginia  DiGaetano

Virginia DiGaetano

Rome, Italy

About Virginia

When I was a kid in New York, people made fun of me for talking so much with my hands. But the world was just too big and interesting not to try to grab onto it with every word, you know? So instead of talking less, I decided to go more, and farther. Before I settled in Italy ten years ago, I lived in a fair few corners of the world, studying politics and philosophy in many of them. But the thing that mattered -- the only thing -- was who I met along the way. Now I get to tell their stories and (I hope) do them justice, so that other people might also want to go and find out more for themselves. I still talk too much, I cannot whistle, and I haven't yet learned how to drive. But I'm a pro at reading train timetables and have been told that I make an excellent navigator. All things considered, I'm probably in the right place. 

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