St Nikolai-Kirche


The neo-Gothic church of St Nikolai might not have any real medieval cred, but what it lacks in age it makes up for in charm with its rustic Tyrolean interiors and frescoes.

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Nearby Villach attractions

1. Stadtpfarrturm

0.26 MILES

Climb Carinthia's highest church tower for bird's eye views of Villach and its dramatic alpine surroundings.

2. Stadtpfarrkirche St Jakob

0.26 MILES

The Stadtpfarrkirche St Jakob dominates the old town and has frescoes, a stuccoed ceiling and a vast rococo altar in gold leaf, bedecked with fresh…

3. Museum der Stadt Villach

0.31 MILES

This museum covers local history, archaeology and medieval art; it also hosts occasionally interesting special exhibitions.

4. Relief Von Kärnten

0.42 MILES

Relief Von Kärnten is a huge relief model of Carinthia housed in Schillerpark, south of the old town. It covers 182 sq metres and depicts the province at…

5. Villacher Fahrzeugmuseum

2.86 MILES

Located 3km outside town, the Villach Automobile Museum focuses on icons of everyday motoring such as the Fiat Topolino, BMW Isetta and some 250 others…

6. Adler Arena

2.92 MILES

Situated between Villach and the Ossiacher See, the castle ruins of Burg Landskron are home to the impressive Adler Arena, where a 40-minute spectacle…

7. Alpine Garden

5.56 MILES

High up in the Villacher Alpen (Dobratsch), this is one of central Europe's most delightful alpine gardens. The views here extend across the mountain tops…

8. Schloss

8.54 MILES

Five kilometres south of Velden is Rosegg, where this palace complex is a great place to make a detour with the kids. The zoo here is actually Carinthia's…