Krems an der Donau

Austria’s sole caricature museum occupies a suitably tongue-in-cheek chunk of purpose-built architecture, its spiky facade tearing the blue Austrian sky. Changing exhibitions and a large permanent collection of caricatures of prominent Austrian and international figures make for a fun diversion if the other art in the Kunstmeile gets too heavy.

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1. Landesgalerie NÖ

0.01 MILES

From one side it looks like a squashed cube, from the other as though it's about to topple over – welcome to the latest addition to Krems' Kunstmeile: a…

2. Kunsthalle Krems

0.02 MILES

One of the main attractions on Krems' Kunstmeile, the Kunsthalle has a program of changing exhibitions. These might be mid-19th-century landscapes or hard…

3. Forum Frohner

0.14 MILES

Part of Krems' Kunsthalle network, this contemporary white cube is named after the artist Adolf Frohner and is housed in the former Minorite monastery. It…

4. Rathausplatz

0.33 MILES

Stein's pretty and impressive central square: look for the 18th-century Steinerathaus.

5. Schürerplatz

0.39 MILES

Stein's lovely square with the baroque Mazzettihaus at its centre.

6. Museum Krems

0.65 MILES

Housed in a former Dominican monastery, the town’s museum has collections of religious and modern art, including works by Kremser Schmidt, who painted the…

7. Pfarrkirche St Veit

0.75 MILES

Known as the ‘Cathedral of the Wachau’, the large baroque parish church boasts colourful frescos by Martin Johann Schmidt, an 18th-century local artist…

8. Piaristenkirche

0.78 MILES

Reached by a covered stairway (Piaristenstiege) from Pfarrplatz, Krems' most impressive church has a wonderful webbed Gothic ceiling and huge, austerely…