Weissenkirchen Parish Church

The Danube Valley

This 15th-century Gothic church sits on a hilltop overlooking the town; its front doors are approached along a labyrinth of covered pathways. Look out for the baroque altar (you can't miss it) and loll about on its garden terrace with lovely Danube views.

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1. Wachau Museum

0.04 MILES

Directly below the church, the tiny, pretty Wachau Museum showcases artists of the Danube School.

2. Chorherrenstift

2.27 MILES

Of the picturesque 16th-century houses and other prominent buildings lining Dürnstein’s streets, the meticulously restored Chorherrenstift is the most…

3. Kuenringerburg

2.39 MILES

Kuenringerburg, the castle high on the hill above the town, is where Richard the Lionheart was incarcerated from 1192 to 1193. His crime was insulting…

4. Domäne Wachau

2.64 MILES

If you're intent on tasting the best of what the Wachau has to offer, it's a good idea to do a broad range of vineyards, from the innovative family-run…

5. Schürerplatz

5.07 MILES

Stein's lovely square with the baroque Mazzettihaus at its centre.

6. Rathausplatz

5.13 MILES

Stein's pretty and impressive central square: look for the 18th-century Steinerathaus.

7. Forum Frohner

5.28 MILES

Part of Krems' Kunsthalle network, this contemporary white cube is named after the artist Adolf Frohner and is housed in the former Minorite monastery. It…

8. Kunsthalle Krems


One of the main attractions on Krems' Kunstmeile, the Kunsthalle has a program of changing exhibitions. These might be mid-19th-century landscapes or hard…