West Coast Australia

Operating continuously since the 1870s, this trad winery zeroes-in on sticky fortified wines: port, sherry, muscat and Marsala. It's 6km out of town, on the road to Perth.

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1. Newcastle Gaol Museum

3.12 MILES

Built in the 1860s using convict labour, this stone complex includes a courtroom, cells and stables, and operated as the Toodyay (then Newcastle) lock-up…

2. Connor's Mill

3.35 MILES

Start at the top of this stately stone flour mill (1870) on the main street and descend through three floors of fantastical chugging machinery and…

3. Church of St Stephen

3.39 MILES

Tinged with Gothic influences, this rather austere red-brick church opened to all souls in 1862. The old timber floorboards and pews are original – as is…

4. Northam Silo Art

9.42 MILES

Part of WA's series of seven brilliant silo-art installations, spangled across the southwest wheat-belt region, Northam's towering rank of 16 silos has a…

5. Avon Valley National Park

10.44 MILES

Featuring granite outcrops, forests and bountiful fauna, the Avon Valley's eponymous national park is most easily accessed vie Toodyay on Morangup Rd,…

6. Burlong Pool

11.2 MILES

This natural pool on the Avon River is a significant Aboriginal site – as legend has it, the summer home of the Wargal, the giant snakelike creature that…

7. Northam Heritage Centre

11.72 MILES

Housed in Northam's National Trust–registered train station which operated from 1886 to 1966, this low-key museum showcases railway memorabilia, including…

8. Morby Cottage

12.08 MILES

On the outskirts of town, this mud-brick and hessian-sacking cottage was built in 1836 to house John Morrell, the first white fella to arrive in Northam…