Old Convent Heritage Centre


An amazing archival collection of photographs spanning over 100 years of interaction between the Sisters of St John of God with the people of the Kimberley. Housed in the heritage-listed Old Convent built in 1926 by a Japanese shipwright.

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1. Women of Pearling

0.36 MILES

This 3m cast bronze statue of an Indigenous female diver clutching a pearl pays tribute to the role women played in the brutal pearling industry. The…

2. Roebuck Bay Lookout

0.39 MILES

At the end of Dampier Tce this lookout has a view of Roebuck Bay and its mangroves and features interpretative panels from the local Yawuru and high…

3. Hard Hat Diver

0.42 MILES

Life-size bronze sculptures of a hard-hat diver and three Japanese divers commemorate Broome's pearling past in the small park in the middle of Carnarvon…

4. Short Street Gallery

0.45 MILES

Dating from the early 1900s and known originally as Hanoe's Cottage, this typical Broome-style corrugated-iron building with louvred verandahs now houses…

5. Sun Pictures

0.47 MILES

Sink back in a canvas deck chair under the stars in the world's oldest operating picture gardens, dating from 1916. The history of the Sun building is the…

6. Pearl Luggers

0.47 MILES

This compact museum provides an insight into Broome's tragic pearling past, evoking the diver experience with genuine artefacts. You can also wander over…

7. Streeter's Jetty

0.58 MILES

The original pearl luggers' jetty at the entrance to Dampier Creek dates from the 1880s and has been rebuilt a number of times. The thin rickety wooden…

8. Broome Museum

0.65 MILES

Discover Cable Beach and Chinatown's origins through exhibits devoted to the area's pearling history and WWII bombing in this quirky museum, occupying the…