Footpath through Mountain Ash forest

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Dandenong Ranges National Park

This national park protects the largest areas of remaining forest in the Dandenongs, which are home to lush fern gullies and huge stands of mountain ash. There are a number of popular walks, including a two-hour return walk along 1000 Steps up to One Tree Hill Picnic Ground. This is part of Kokoda Memorial Track, which commemorates Australian WWII servicemen who served in New Guinea. Other walks include the 17km Dandenong Ranges Tourist Track between Sassafras and Emerald.

Sherbrooke Forest, just north of Belgrave, has a towering cover of mountain ash trees and several walking trails. Grants Picnic Ground, at Kallista, attracts flocks of sulphur-crested cockatoos and has a dedicated bird-feeding area.

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