Chateau Mildura


Established in 1888 and still producing table wines, Chateau Mildura is part vineyard and part museum, with wine tastings and historical displays.

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1. Old Psyche Bend Pump Station

1.83 MILES

This station is where William B Chaffey set up his system in 1891 to supply irrigation and drainage. The modern pumps are electric now and have been…

2. Mildura Brewery

4.69 MILES

Set in the former Astor cinema, this is one of Mildura’s popular drinking holes. Shiny stainless-steel vats, pipes and brewing equipment make a great…

3. Sunraysia Cellar Door


Sunraysia Cellar Door has free tastings and sales for around 250 local wines from 22 different wineries from the Murray–Darling region, as well as a few…

4. Rio Vista & Mildura Arts Centre

5.17 MILES

The grand homestead of William B Chaffey (a Mildura founder), historic Queen Anne–style Rio Vista has been preserved and restored. Each room has…

5. Old Mildura Station Homestead

5.62 MILES

Along the river, near the historic Rio Vista & Mildura Arts Centre, this cottage was the first home of William B Chaffey. The heritage park here contains…

6. Apex Beach

6.53 MILES

This popular swimming and picnic spot is about 3km northwest of the centre, with a sandy river beach on the Murray. There’s a good walking and cycling…

7. Murray-Darling River Junction

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The point where the Darling River flows into the Murray lies in Wentworth's southwestern corner. The riverside park, accessible from Cadell St, has…

8. Wentworth Pioneer Museum

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You can see some local history in this interesting museum across the road from the Old Wentworth Gaol. There are eclectic exhibitions including a…