Built between 1869 and 1870, this Parisian-style shopping arcade is Melbourne’s oldest and has managed to retain much of its charming 19th-century detail. A black-and-white chequered path leads to the mythological figures of giant brothers Gog and Magog, perched with hammers within the domed exit to Little Collins St. They’ve been striking the hour here since 1892.

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1. Block Arcade

0.08 MILES

This beautiful Victorian shopping arcade, built in 1891 and inspired by the Galleria Vittorio in Milan, features ornate plasterwork and mosaic floors…

2. Century Building


Built between 1939 and 1940, this Streamline Moderne high-rise is an important Melbourne landmark. It was the first office block in the city to have air…

3. Manchester Unity Building

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Built in 1932, this honey-coloured art-deco skyscraper brings a slice of Chicago (or possibly Gotham City) to Swanston St. It's worth popping into the…

4. Melbourne Town Hall

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Since opening in 1870, this grand neoclassical civic building has welcomed everyone from Queen Elizabeth II, who took tea here in 1954, to the Beatles,…

5. West Space

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One of Melbourne’s oldest nonprofit, artist-run galleries, West Space has a varied exhibition schedule featuring young and emerging artists. Expect a…

6. Nicholas Building

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7. Collins Street

0.21 MILES

The eastern end of Collins St is lined with plane trees, grand buildings and luxe boutiques (hence its ‘Paris End’ moniker). Ornate arcades also lead off…

8. St Paul’s Cathedral

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Once a corn market for the growing city of Melbourne, services were celebrated on this prominent site from the city’s first days, but work on Melbourne's…