Mount Beckworth Wines


The husband-and-wife team here has been growing wine in the region for over 35 years. At weekends you can pop into their main-street enoteca for a tasting,

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1. Bottle Museum

0.32 MILES

Definitely more interesting than it sounds, this bottle museum is located within a beautiful historic school (c 1881) and knitting mill. It has a…

2. Eastern Peake

5.55 MILES

A short drive north of Ballarat is this boutique family-run vineyard known for its pinots and chardonnays. The son, Owen Latta, has recently taken over,…

3. Café Sidra

9.76 MILES

A 20-minute drive north of Ballarat in the rural township of Learmonth, this weatherboard cafe occupies an 1860s ironmongery. It's popular primarily for…

5. Maryborough Railway Station

16.91 MILES

The town boasts plenty of impressive Victorian-era buildings, but Maryborough Railway Station leaves them all for dead. Built in 1892, the inordinately…

6. Worsley Cottage

17.26 MILES

Built in 1894, the bluestone Worsley Cottage is the town's historical-society museum. Every room is furnished with period pieces, often donated by local…

7. Botanic Gardens

17.68 MILES

On the western side of the lake, Ballarat's beautiful and serene gardens were first planted in 1858. The 40 hectares include immaculately maintained rose…

8. Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm

17.87 MILES

Drop by this scenic Swiss-Italian farm to visit its gardens full of produce, watch the farm animals, take a stroll between lavender bushes and stay for…