Remarkable Cave

Top choice in Tasman Peninsula & Port Arthur

About 7km south of Port Arthur is Remarkable Cave, a long tunnel eroded from the base of a collapsed gully, under a cliff and out to sea. The waves surge through the tunnel and fill the gully with sea spray (and sometimes water – watch out!). A boardwalk and 115 steps provide access to a metal viewing platform. Hardcore surfers often brave the cave, paddling out through the opening to surf the offshore reefs beyond.

From the car park, a walking track heads east to Crescent Bay (four hours return), a magical arc of white sand backed by some of Tasmania's most impressive dunes. Just before reaching the beach, a short sidetrack climbs to low Mt Brown, from which there are good views of Crescent Bay, Cape Pillar and Tasman Island.

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Nearby Tasman Peninsula & Port Arthur attractions

1. Separate Prison

2.74 MILES

The feared Separate Prison at the Port Arthur Historic Site was built to punish prisoners through 23-hours-a-day isolation and sensory deprivation.

2. Penitentiary

2.75 MILES

The old penitentiary at the Port Arthur Historic Site was originally a granary and flour mill.

3. Memorial Garden

2.87 MILES

The shell of the Broad Arrow Café at the Port Arthur Historic Site, where 20 people were killed in the 1996 shootings, has been preserved as a memorial…

4. Church


Historic building within the Port Arthur Historic Site, built in 1836 and burned down in 1884. The decorative carvings were done by boys from the Point…

5. Port Arthur Historic Site

2.91 MILES

This amazing World Heritage–listed convict site is one of Tasmania’s big-ticket attractions. The dozens of structures here are best understood via guided…

6. Scorpion Rock

2.99 MILES

A terrific vantage point within the Port Arthur Historic Site, a short stroll uphill behind the ruins. Site admission charges apply. For a cheeky view…

7. Stewarts Beach

3.53 MILES

Safe-swimming beach not far from the Port Arthur Historic Site.

8. Tasman National Park

7.15 MILES

Tasman National Park embraces the sky-high sea cliffs around Cape Raoul, Cape Hauy, Cape Pillar, Tasman Island and the craggy coast near Eaglehawk Neck…