Cremorne Point (technically Robertsons Point; Woolwarra-jurng to the Eora people) is a beaut spot for a picnic on grassy Cremorne Reserve, or for a swim in the free saltwater MacCallum Pool. The harbour views from here are downright delicious (especially when the New Year’s Eve fireworks are erupting). You can explore the headland on a 3km loop walk.

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1. Fort Denison


In colonial times this small fortified harbour island was a sorry site of suffering, used to isolate recalcitrant convicts and nicknamed ‘Pinchgut’ for…

2. Taronga Zoo Sydney

0.63 MILES

A 12-minute ferry ride from Circular Quay, this forested harbour hillside is full of kangaroos, koalas and similarly hirsute Australians, plus numerous…

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Beautiful harbourside Nutcote (1925) is the former home of author and illustrator May Gibbs (1877–1969), who wrote the much-loved Australian children’s…

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This peninsula was named in 1810 after Elizabeth, Governor Macquarie’s wife, who ordered a seat to be chiselled into the rock from which she could view…