The latest product of Sydney's port redevelopment is this extension of the CBD's officeland. There are three rather lofty skyscrapers and pedestrian alleys beneath, busy with corporate types rushing about, coffee in hand. On the harbourfront itself is a handsome promenade with lots of decent bars and restaurants, merging into the similar King Street Wharf and Cockle Bay strips to the south. The food is generally better at Barangaroo than the other two. There's a major ferry stop here, too.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Darling Harbour & Pyrmont attractions

1. St Philip’s Church

0.19 MILES

Completed in 1856 by architect Edmund Blacket in High Victorian Gothic style, St Philip’s is the latest incarnation of a line descending from Sydney’s…

2. King Street Wharf

0.21 MILES

The central one of three major developments along the east side of Darling Harbour, this is a modern metallic affair in three sections. Below plush…

3. St Patrick’s Church

0.26 MILES

This Catholic sandstone church (1844) was built on land donated by William Davis, who was transported to Australia from Ireland without trial due to his…

4. SH Ervin Gallery

0.26 MILES

High on the hill inside the old Fort St School (1856), the SH Ervin Gallery, though surrounded by freeway, is a pleasing oasis that exhibits invariably…

5. Wynyard Park

0.26 MILES

Above Wynyard train station is this rare wedge of downtown greenery. Surrounded by skyscrapers and spindly plane trees, it has a certain Manhattan vibe to…

6. Australia Square

0.34 MILES

Generally acknowledged as Australia’s first major office tower, Australia Square (1968) was designed by archi-phenomenon Harry Seidler. His 50-storey…

7. Wild Life Sydney Zoo

0.36 MILES

Complementing its sister and neighbour, Sea Life, this surprisingly capacious complex houses an impressive collection of Australian native reptiles,…

8. Madame Tussauds

0.36 MILES

In this celebrity-obsessed age, it's hardly surprising that Madame Tussauds' hyperrealistic waxwork dummies are just as popular now as when the eponymous…