Cape Tribulation Beach

Cape Tribulation

North of the headland, Cape Tribulation Beach is a lovely crescent of often empty sand. Easiest access is via the Kulki Boardwalk and car park at the southern end.

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Nearby Cape Tribulation attractions

1. Bat House

0.82 MILES

This nursery and research station for injured or orphaned fruit bats (flying foxes), run by conservation organisation Austrop, welcomes visitors.

2. Myall Beach

1.29 MILES

Easy access from the village makes this Cape Trib's most popular beach for strolling. Areas of fringing reef on Myall Beach are exposed at low tide,…

3. Daintree Rainforest

4.37 MILES

The Daintree is the accessible section of breathtakingly beautiful coastal lowland rainforest in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. This dense, lush…

4. Daintree Entomological Museum

7.55 MILES

Also known as Jungle Bugs & Butterflies, the Daintree Entomological Museum displays a large private collection of local and exotic bugs, butterflies and…

5. Cow Bay Beach

10.8 MILES

At the end of Buchanan Creek Rd, 5km east of the main road, Cow Bay Beach is a lovely stretch of white sand backed by rainforest and is usually deserted…

6. Daintree Discovery Centre

11.42 MILES

This award-winning attraction's aerial walkway, which includes a 23m tower used to study carbon levels, takes you high into the forest canopy. A theatre…

7. Walu Wugirriga Lookout

11.84 MILES

Coming to or from the ferry, stop in at this lookout high in the Alexandra Range for rainforest and coastal views, including where the Daintree empties…

8. Bana Yirriji Art Centre

13.19 MILES

Local Indigenous artists representing the Yalanji, Nyungkul and Jalunji clans produce highly-regarded paintings, jewellery and screen-printed clothing for…