At the western end of the Queen St Mall is the magnificent Italian Renaissance–style Treasury Building, dating from 1889. No tax collectors inside – just Brisbane’s casino.

Opposite the casino fronting a grassy plaza stands the equally gorgeous former Land Administration Building, which has been converted into the five-star Treasury hotel.

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1. Commissariat Store Museum

0.12 MILES

Built by convicts in 1829, this former government storehouse is the oldest occupied building in Brisbane. Inside is an immaculate little museum whose main…

2. Museum of Brisbane

0.17 MILES

On the 3rd floor of City Hall, this forward-thinking museum explores historic and modern aspects of Brisbane, offering fresh, progressive insights into…

3. City Hall

0.18 MILES

Fronted by a row of sequoia-sized Corinthian columns, Australia's largest city hall was built between 1920 and 1930. Although free, fascinating heritage…

4. Mansions

0.27 MILES

At the junction or George St and Margaret St is the Mansions, an unusual three-storey, red-brick Romanesque terrace which was cobbled together in 1890…

5. Queensland Art Gallery


While Brisbane's main art museum includes numerous international works, its forte is its Australia collection. This includes works by heavyweights like…

6. Queensland Club

0.31 MILES

The Queensland Club is so exclusive that even its website is members-only. While you may not be schmoozing in its hallowed rooms any time soon, the…

7. Wheel of Brisbane

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Steps from the Queensland Performing Arts Centre is Brisbane's slightly more modest version of the giant observation wheels now common in cities from…

8. Queensland Cultural Centre

0.32 MILES

On South Bank, just over Victoria Bridge from the CBD, the Queensland Cultural Centre is the epicentre of Brisbane’s cultural confluence. Surrounded by…